Ambassador Programme

Do you want to join #AmimoUK

We are currently looking for worldwide brand ambassadors that have the passion and drive for everything Equestrian to help us grow our brand and become part of #AnimoUK.

This is not a sponsorship, but it is the first step towards one. We do offer sponsorships to our most successful ambassadors such as Yasmin Ingham.

Yasmin joined the team as an ambassador and purchased some Animo clothing. She quickly impressed us by taking some high-quality photos and videos featuring the clothing.

We spoke to Yasmin and her passion and vision aligned perfectly with ours, so we invited her onto our team as a sponsored athlete. Yasmin now receives free Animo clothing and earns commissions on any sales that she generates.

The benefits of joining #AnimoUK include:

  • Affiliation to a leading equestrian brand
  • The opportunity to be featured on our social media
  • The chance of becoming a sponsored athlete
  • Your own unique link and a discount code for your followers
  • Commission paid directly to you by PayPal on any orders you generate
  • An exclusive 15% discount on all Animo purchases

What you will need to be part of #AnimoUK:

  • To be active on social media with a drive to increase your following and exposure
  • To be passionate about everything equestrian
  • To be willing to take high quality photographs to showcase your Animo clothing

To apply for a position as a #AnimoUK Ambassador, please send us an email on

Thank you and good luck!

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